New Hampshire Wood Pellets, LLC (the Company) was formed for the purpose of producing high-quality premium wood pellets, selling to the residential market and to large-scale commercial operations. The Company has located a site in Farmington, New Hampshire where the pellet facility will be located and is in the process of negotiating a letter of intent with the state of New Hampshire, the owners of the property. The Company will use wood as fuel in the dry wood burner that will generate heat in the dryer, which in turn will be used to dry the wood utilized as the feedstock for the pellets, therefore a complete green cycle! The Company recognizes that wood biomass, when properly pursued, not only meets our nation's energy needs, but also reduces the carbon dioxide emissions associated with global warming. The Company plans to manufacture approximately 85,000 tons of wood pellets on an annual basis. The Company will have its own green source of fuel thereby creating a major advantage over the competition that must pay for this energy source by using fossil fuels.

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