Michigan Wood Pellet Fuel's focus on quality

Ash Content: The lower the ash content, the higher quality of the wood pellet. Lower ash also means less cleaning and maintenance of the wood pellet stove. Higher ash content signifies more bark content and/or higher moisture levels. Both will lower the energy content per lb/kg. 

Pellet Length: If pellets are too short or too long they can clog the auger in a pellet appliance and prevent feeding into the burner. The best length is 9mm-26mm (5/16" - 1"). Michigan Wood Pellet Fuel has a special screening process that gives customers the optimal size pellets for stoves. 

Dust or Fines: The highest quality manufactured wood pellets have minimal dust content. Michigan Wood Pellet Fuel screens its pellets before they are packaged, giving our customers the best quality. 

Moisture: Michigan Wood Pellet Fuel has one of the largest dryers in the wood pellet industry. This enables us to produce pellets with a consistently low moisture level. Lower moisture means more energy can be extracted from the pellets. 

Energy (BTU): British Thermal Unit is a measurement of energy content. The higher the BTU rating, the more energy per pound of pellets it contains, and the more heat they will produce.

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