Most retailers will be happy to have you pickup pellets at their location. If you have a truck, the retailer will use a moffitt (fork lift) to load it for you. At some locations, you can also buy pellets by the bag or break down the ton and load it yourself. It is important to understand that handstacking and moving of pellets can break down the pellets a little, producing dust, called "fines". If possible, the pallet of pellets (last time) should be moved together and unloaded a bag at a time to be placed in their final resting place prior to loading in the stove.

When the pellets are delivered, entire pallets of pellets (again, say that three times fast) can be lowered via lift gate and moved around your driveway or garage with a pallet jack. Some retailers off-load pallets using a truck-attached moffitt (fork lift). Moffits are the best way to move pellets because they can drive quickly across uneven lawns, placing the pellets in exactly the desired location.

Bulk Pellets

Currently, 40 lb bags are the standard for wood pellet packaging. This is fine when you are loading 40-120 pounds of pellets at a time in a freestanding stove or pellet insert. However, as more consumers consider wood pellet heating, some will opt for new central pellet boilers and pellet furnaces. In this case, bulk storage devises are the preferred method of storing wood pellets. These are delivered to a basement hopper or backyard silo and delivered via soft auger or vacuum system to the pellet boiler or furnace. These larger wood pellet units are designed to operate just like standard oil or gas furnace. These units have large ash pans, but still require periodic maintanence.