Appalachian Hardwood Pellets

What makes Appalachian Wood Pellets so unique is that we partner Allegheny Wood Products, a producer of high-quality hard wood lumber, to retain their left over wood chips and sawdust pieces for use in the manufacturing of wood pellets. The bark is used to dry the wood fiber so nothing is wasted. Meaning, our processes are not only efficient, but they keep your purchasing costs down.

How Wood Pellets Impact the Environment

If you’re concerned with the number of trees being cut down in our country each year, Appalachian Wood Pellets are a great product for you. Our raw materials come directly as bi-products of our partner’s hard wood lumber. We utilize what used to be a waste product and use 100 percent of what comes from the forest.

Appalachian Pellets wood fuel pellets Hardwood. 8,600 BTU; .35% Ash 

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