WoodPelletPrice.com offers a unique opportunity to reach consumers of wood pellets and pellet-related products.


  • Reach consumers looking to purchase.
  • Target retailers themselves with a custom message.

Website Traffic (with seasonal variation)

  • Approximately 5,000-15,000 unique visitors monthly.
  • Approximately 5.5 pageviews average per visit (nationwide). Pageviews can be significantly greater in states with greater retailer representation.
  • Nationwide 30-50,000 impressions per month with season

Web Banner Sizes

Top and Bottom banners (468x60 pixels) and Front Page Left Square (120x120 pixels).

Web Banner Targeting

Target specific regions of the country (even individual states), as well as specific products.


Either flat rate or CPM:

Advertising Formats Supported

  • Animated GIF, GIF, JPG, or Flash

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